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I Heard You Were Going on Jihad

A comprehensive investigation revealed a long standing and complex Islamic infrastructure in Oklahoma City evidenced by federal court cases , FBI memos and internal reports Bin Laden’s personal pilot trained a Norman, Oklahoma flight school in the 1990’s. This same flight school was later used by Zacarias Moussaoui who was handpicked by Usama Bin Laden to participate in attacks on the United State.










Quoted in The Journal Record, top business paper in Oklahoma, regarding petroleum geologists and Nicaragua as new oil frontier (2014).

Journal Record-Mitchell Gray







China and its Go Out Energy Policy: How the Exim Bank of China finances resource backed loans

Keynote Speaker (2014, April 20). China and its Go Out Energy Policy: How the Exim Bank of China finances resource backed loans. Tanzanian Energy and Power Conference. Presentation sponsored by Ernst and Young, Oklahoma City.

Mexican Oil Reform and the Potential Roadblocks to Success

Keynote Speaker (2014, April 15). Mexican Oil Reform and the Potential Roadblocks to Success. Conference. Presentation sponsored by Desk and Derrick Club, Oklahoma City.

Justice Department Quickly Moves to Use New, Broad Authority in Detaining Aliens. The Wall Street Journal

Justice Department Uses Arrest Powers Fully; Scope of Jailings Stirs Questions on Detainees’ Rights to Representation and Bail. The Washington Post

1170 KFAW Tulsa’s Talk Radio, Tulsa. 2 Oct. 2014. Radio. Interview recording.

The Pipeline Transportation of Hazardous Liquids
Oil, Gas & Energy Resource Law, State Bar of Texas | March 2012

Analyzes state and federal regulations in the pipeline transportation of hazardous liquids. The transporter is responsible to report spills and accidents. Pipelines may face CERCLA liability under some circumstances. Operators must know, understand and train their employees concernig the relevant regulations and procedures for handling spills and accidents.

Yanqui Come Back: Mexican energy reform and return of American oil companies
Work in progress: Yanqui Come Back: Mexican energy reform and return of American oil companies.




Marie Bradshaw: President

March 26, 2015

Mr. Mitchell Gray has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of Executive Global Advisors. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests by communicating clearly. A versatile Public and Government advisor with experience in the Middle East energy, Mr. Mitchell will be a great Advisor for any energy job.

Casey Jobe: Landman at American Energy Partners, LP

March 26, 2014

Mr. Gray is a passionate, engaging, accessible, and fair professor. His pragmatic approach to teaching included both subject matter material along with real world experience. Mitchell’s ability to keep the class focused and engaged are just a few of the fusion of qualities seldom found in one educator. Professor Gray’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and genuine care for his students helped to facilitate a learning environment nothing short of spectacular.

Joanne Horn: Associate General Counsel

March 23, 2014

“The Department has greatly benefited from Mitch’s 20 years of legal experience and his well-reasoned defense of the agency in the courtroom and appellate briefs. Always willing to provide feedback and support to support co-workers, his generosity of spirit is quite refreshing. Informed by his military experience, he quickly sorts through a myriad of facts to identify the salient issues. His contributions, kind nature, and interest in the well-being of co-workers makes the office a better place to work. I am tremendously grateful I have had the opportunity to work with Mitch!

Marie Ann C Raguso

December 2, 2014

Mr. Gray is an inspiring man to network with. His astonishing ability to aid a fellow American is what makes the United States great! After conversing with Mr. Gray, I reflected on how determined, intuitive and patriotic he truly is. He is well-deserving of the medals and awarded achievements he received while in service. We need more enthusiastic Americans like Mr. Gray! Thank you Mr. Gray for your service and your sacrifice to our wonderful nation!