Mitchell Gray

Executive Global Advisor | Communications & External Affairs Lead | Public & Government Affairs Specialist

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More about me:

 As an external communications expert in the Middle East and Mexico’s energy, politics, and terrorist groups, I have the ability to translate complex issues into simple context to communicate with stakeholders, as well as external and internal audiences.

Recently, I have been honored to be invited by the second Vice President of Chesapeake Energy Corporation to speak about global energy security at the 8th Annual OCAPLTA Symposium on June 24th 2015.

Although I have experience as a Keynote Speaker in several conferences and events, every time I am contacted to discuss issues within the energy industry, I am filled with excitement and thrill!

Experts in the Energy Industry have recognized me for my experience in the following areas.

Middle East Energy & Politics, Mexico’s Energy Sector, Terrorist Groups & Methods, Oil & Gas Policy, International Defense Programs, Global Energy Security, Petroleum Industry History, Foreign Affairs, Islamic & Arabic Culture, External Communications, Government Officials, Economics, Energy / Oil & Gas Projects, Middle East Operations, International Affairs, Senior Policy Issues, Major Defense, National Security, Foreign Policy Implications, Mexican Oil & Security Issues, Criminal Organizations, Oil & Gas Laws & issues, Arabic Language & Culture, Risks & Development Plans, Stakeholders & Legal Matters.