The purpose of this book is to provide additional facts related the 9/11 Al-Qaeda attacks on the United States. The investigation must be ongoing especially in light of renewed threats in late 2014 attributed to Al-Qaeda linked ISIS or its latest version of the Caliphate seeking a 7century Islamic State that enforces Islamic Sharia law. Most chilling may be the large number of Western European and American soldiers of Allah who fight for ISIS in Syria and other places.

I do not put much stock on the term “terrorism expert” and I make no such claim. But my experiences are both unique and helpful to comment on some of these issues. Few Americans were in a mosque attended by Al-Qaeda members before 9/11, know Arabic, served in Iraq and contributed relevant information to intelligence agencies.

The causes of 9/11 are complex and cannot be reduced to “talking points” or clever political phrases. Unfortunately very few if any of our elected representatives in either party have a deep understanding of Middle East history, knowledge of Islam and a complete understanding of the role that petroleum has played in American foreign policy for over one hundred years.

Among the many historical antecedents to 9/11 include the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire that was based in modern Turkey and ruled most of the modern Arabic speaking world until the end of WWI. The penetration of Western European economic interests in the empire beginning in the 18th century established policy precedents that contributed to the modern making of what Westerners call the “Middle East.”

Today Turkey is a major energy crossroads with multiple gas pipelines that affect policy decisions in Washington, Moscow, London, Paris, Beijing, Tehran, Baghdad, and Damascus that necessarily involves the stateless Kurds in Northern Iraq and the Central Asian States including Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. These pipelines traverse centuries of religious, ethnic and nationalistic causes that are often hostile and unresolved.

The end of WWI saw Britain and France design the modern borders of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine while major western oil interests also established a large area of mutual interest in the Middle East to dominate oil for decades. This monopoly was threatened by communism and nationalism contributing to British and American policies “supporting” conservative Islamic movements to stave off nationalism. This occurred in Iran and Afghanistan.

The blowback of these policies was that by the 1980’s America was allowing radical Islam to proliferate inside the United States in order to weaken or defeat the Communist government of the USSR. The impact of these policies is being felt to this day.

I have set forth a selected timeline to highlight some of the important historical and geopolitical background for 9/11 in order to provide context for the attack. I hope this inspires readers to dig deeper into this history to gain a better understanding of history.

It is important for me to emphasize that this book does not accuse anyone mentioned herein as being a “terrorist” or a criminal unless they have already been convicted or confessed to being the same. The main purpose of the book is to set out facts, evidence and logical analysis to contribute to the 9/11 investigation and its aftermath. This book is not a “who done it” or a brief for the prosecution requiring “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” based on admissible evidence. It is up to the appropriate legal authority to indict or investigate those entities that satisfy the criteria established for such designations.