To Whom it may concern

December 10, 2008
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Mitchell Gray for an intelligence-related position, particularly in the counter-terrorism program area. I feel compelled to write this letter, not out of courtesy or friendship, but in the true belief that Mr. Gray would be an important contributor to our mission to keep the United States safe and secure from her enemies.

Since the time I became acquainted with Mr. Gray, I have seen numerous examples of his patriotism and dedication to national security. His has been the kind of dedication that is not constituted of mere rhetoric, but of strong action.

We first met via email in and around 2005 when I was working for the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security (OHSP) as a Senior Intelligence Analyst. Of his own volition, he provided OHSP with valuable New Jersey-related intelligence information on counter-terror matters. He continued to provide OHSP with such intelligence—that he painstakingly collected on his own time and without remuneration—from the time we began corresponding by email until he was deployed to Iraq.

In addition, Mr. Gray has proven to be extremely knowledgeable on a wide array of counter-terrorism issues, from the different terror groups operating at home and abroad, to their ideologies, to their methods of operation. He also learned how to read and write Arabic, an invaluable tool in this field.

This kind of raw and impassioned dedication to the

Homeland security mission is hard to match. There can be no doubting that Mr. Gray would make a fine intelligence analyst and one that would be a true asset to the intelligence community.


Lee Baker
Pseudonym at request of agent